• Two websites that provide a vast array of easy to use learning materials and information to Health, Social Services, Education and the Independent sector.
  • Enabling Organisations to meet the learning needs of all staff and volunteers. 
  • This is a national website and registration and login is automatic once you have access to GoLearn.
  • The following pages will give you an overview of what is on both websites. 
On the site

  • Over 180 learning sessions on the two websites – mixture of Individual Learning Sessions and Group Learning Sessions either taken as an online course or downloaded as a PDF for self-directed learning.
  • Materials from both sites are linked directly into various qualifications:
    • Care Certificate
    • Level 1&2 Awards
    • Level 2&3 Certificates
    • Level 3,5&7 Diplomas
Individual Sessions

  • For an individual to complete on their own or with a manager / trainer / assessor 
  • Last up to one and a half hours in length
  • Broken up into introduction, parts, activities, summary, reading list, assignment.
  • Some available in two formats – online and downloadable
  • A Certificate and Evaluation of Learning is available for each Learning Session
Group Learning Sessions

  • For a trainer/manager to print out and run with a group of staff
  • Objectives, links to awards, activities, timings, handouts and a step by step approach to deliver the training
  • Generally last about one to one and a half hours – some last half a day
  • Full training packs for Assertiveness, Observation and Assessment Skilks, Customer Care to Understanding, Using and Valuing Supervision. 
  • A Certificate and Evaluation of Learning is available for each Learning Session
  • A pool of writers contracted by SCILS gives a wide knowledge base
Other Resources

  • Guidance for choosing a training provider.
  • Guidance for assessors and verifiers.
  • Shared resources including Mentoring for Managers and Training Needs Analysis Toolkit. 
  • The list of sessions is not static
Personal Development Plan

  • You can manage PDP’s for your whole team or organisation online. 
  • A specific development plan can be created for your staff type.
  • Staff can submit assignments and they can be marked and feedback given by their manager or supervisor. 
  • An additional user guide is available. 
News Desk

  • We visit over 60 Social Care / Health / Education websites
  • A weekly update of key documents, new policies, legislation and provide summary and link direct to source.
  • Combines relevant stories from a variety of news sites – saving you time by having everything in one place
  • An optional email is sent out giving details of updates – the email also gives information on updates to the website – new facilities etc
Discussions Board

  • A forum for users to have discussions/debates and generally ask questions of each other
  • The website is used on a national scale by a wide range of professionals, who not only add to the breadth of discussions and debates but also contribute to the site sharing information on best practice, course details and new tools.
  • Receive emails when discussions are started or added to
  • Have group or general discussions
Question and Answer Service

  • A confidential facility to have a discussion with a member of SCILS/EILS on a relevant topic and receive a reply within 48 working hours
  • Mainly used as a signpost to either our website or other organisations
  • Questions are stored so you are able to view previous answers at anytime in the future
Website List

  • List of websites created by users of the SCILS / EILS website
  • Websites are listed alphabetically
  • Websites are listed in specialisms.
Care Certificate

  • The Care Certificate can be managed on the website. 
  • Facilitators notes, PowerPoint slides, handouts and individual reading are all available to download. 
  • Evidence booklets are also available to download or maintain online. An additional user guide is available. 
  • An additional user guide is available. 
Managers' Induction Standards

  • Learning Materials and evidence booklets for the Managers Induction Standards are available.
  • This includes Knowledge Documents and Evidence Booklets.
  • An additional user guide is available. 
Easy Switching Between SCILS and EILS

  • Just use the banner to switch between websites

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